Hello world!

The journey of the Geoclectic Grove has begun! Names are powerful things and we wanted a name that fits the essence of what is to come. The geodesic dome will be the heart and home of the property. Four eclectic spirits who- just as the word is defined- derive ideas, style, and taste from a broad and diverse range of sources, have come together with the desire to create community, learning, and love. We are surrounded by forested acreage with majestic groves of trees and even a few redwoods that allow us immersive space in nature. We are on a mission to connect humans in an environment that offers a foundation to bring out our best.

So where is this journey going? We know and we don’t know. What we know is that we want to create community, we want to create experiences, we want to create an environment of learning. This path is going to be an amazing adventure that will be full of adversity and prosperity. Expect to see and engage in experiences that provide opportunities for human beings to grow and thrive. Music, dance, health, fitness, nature, education, spirituality, connection, movement, and play. Anything that brings us closer and expands our awareness.

Another major facet is the goal of creating a village. The benefits of living in a conscious community are becoming recognized by society again. A village with a wide variety of people that bring different perspectives, awareness, and skills to share, teach and learn from one another is our ultimate hope. The ability to pool resources within this type of community has immeasurable value. We are choosing the path of a co-housing philosophy. Each person has their own personal sanctuary and the benefits of a supporting community.

We want you to join us on our journey. There are multiple ways you can do this – virtually or in person. Follow us on social media – look for The Geoclectic Grove on FB and IG where we will be sharing our adventures. If you are a community leader, we want to support your passion by providing a beautiful environment to host events. Reach out if this inspires you.

Lastly, you might look at this as a place you want to call home. We want to consciously grow our co-housing community and that will require time and connection. Your actions will speak louder than words. We want to continually add value to the experience of the property by bringing in amazing leaders and teachers, while also providing a beautiful living space for those that are passionate about community.

Feel free to share this with others and ask us questions. We are in a time where our community and connections can reach across the globe. The opportunity for something amazing and beautiful is here and if it speaks to you, let our journeys forge paths together.

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